A Better The Retailer WooCommerce Cart is here

CartPops replaces your WooCommerce cart page with a beautiful, responsive, and conversion optimized fly-out cart. Works out of the box with The Retailer.
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The Retailer & CartPops is a match made in heaven ❤️

Look no more, you found it

A Pixel Perfect WooCommerce Cart

CartPops makes your cart accessible from anywhere on your site and looks great on any theme or design.

CartPops has some tricks up its sleeves

Choose from different Add To Cart triggers

Choose what happens when a customer adds a product to their cart. Each trigger has a unique look and feel. The Cart Drawer will always be accessible via the Cart Launcher so that customers can manage their cart contents.

Set and forget

Increase average order value with a few clicks

Let customers know how much more they need to add to their cart to qualify for free shipping by showing a progress meter directly in the cart.

A smarter way to create more revenue

Ready to take The Retailer's WooCommerce Cart to the next level?

Encourage customers to spend more

Meet the Product Recommendation Engine

Squeeze more revenue out of your customers by recommending products directly in the cart.

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Colors everywhere!

Customize over 24+ colors

We get it, you’re running a brand. It’s important that customers feel at home. That’s why we made it really easy to customize every single color and make it your own. CartPops even has presets, to inspire and get you started! 🌈

cartpops color presets

Hi, we're the team behind CartPops! 👋

When building eCommerce sites for clients we couldn’t believe there wasn’t a (better) WooCommerce cart plugin that had all the “simple” features we were looking for. Maybe we were a little naïve, but we decided to stop talking and make it ourselves. CartPops was born, and we’re here to help our fellow WooCommerce store owners.